Cable Ties at Cable Lacing

Larawan Numero ng Bahagi Mga Tagagawa Paglalarawan Presyo Tingnan
CBR3I-M4Y Image CBR3I-M4Y Panduit CABLE TIE IN-LINE 10.4" $0.232/pcs Pagtatanong
WIT-30RRAA-16-M Image WIT-30RRAA-16-M Essentra Components CBL TIE REL ARRW MT NAT 7.06" $0.219/pcs Pagtatanong
3240783 Phoenix Contact CABLE TIE $0.02/pcs Pagtatanong
RKWR-3-GY Essentra Components ROLL, HOOK & LOOP, 1/2" X 5-YD, $17.14/pcs Pagtatanong
PLDC2.5EH-C350 Image PLDC2.5EH-C350 Panduit 19.25" DOUBLE CLAMP CABLE TIE WI $0.925/pcs Pagtatanong
T30LL9C2 Image T30LL9C2 HellermannTyton CABLE TIE 11.4"L 30LB NATURAL $0.189/pcs Pagtatanong
CT004B Image CT004B Essentra Components CABLE TIE STANDARD:NYL BLACK $0.02/pcs Pagtatanong
WIT-50SRA-01 Image WIT-50SRA-01 Essentra Components CBL TIE LCK ARRW MT NAT 6.81" $0.275/pcs Pagtatanong
20-S300N-C Fan-S Division / Qualtek Electronics Corp. CBL TIE TRIGGER REL NAT 11.83" $0.156/pcs Pagtatanong
T50R0PPM4 Image T50R0PPM4 HellermannTyton HIGH TEMP TIE 7.95"L 25LB BLACK $0.161/pcs Pagtatanong
MSC2W38T15-L6 Image MSC2W38T15-L6 Panduit STEEL STRAP NYLON 11 COAT $2.406/pcs Pagtatanong
HLB2S-C5 Panduit CABLE TIE HOOK AND LOOP 7" $117.23/pcs Pagtatanong
WITA-50S-UVB-M Image WITA-50S-UVB-M Essentra Components CABLE TIE LOCK UV BLK 6.3 50LB $0.027/pcs Pagtatanong
UGCTC3S-X10 Panduit HOOK/LOOP TIE CTR MNT GROM 12"L $3.403/pcs Pagtatanong
CT063A Image CT063A Essentra Components CABLE TIE STANDARD:NYL NATURAL $0.412/pcs Pagtatanong
BT4S-M39 Image BT4S-M39 Panduit CABLE TIE STD 50LB NAT 15.1" $0.369/pcs Pagtatanong
CBR2M-M1 Image CBR2M-M1 Panduit CABLE TIE IN-LINE 7.2" $0.083/pcs Pagtatanong
RKWR-1L-OR Essentra Components ROLL, HOOK & LOOP, 3/4" X 25-YD, $51.01/pcs Pagtatanong
156-00557 Image 156-00557 HellermannTyton CABLE TIE/EDGE CLIP 50LB 200MM $0.671/pcs Pagtatanong
17-HD400B-C Image 17-HD400B-C Fan-S Division / Qualtek Electronics Corp. CBL TIE LOCKING BK 120LB 1.31' $0.293/pcs Pagtatanong
WITA-40R-UVB-M Image WITA-40R-UVB-M Essentra Components CABLE TIE LOCK UV BLK 5.9 40LB $0.019/pcs Pagtatanong
PLB4H-TL Image PLB4H-TL Panduit TIE CBL DL HVY NAT 14.4" $0.654/pcs Pagtatanong
MSC4X625-LS1 Panduit STRAP STEEL COATED .63"X 16.2"   Pagtatanong
BT-10-01-BK Image BT-10-01-BK Essentra Components BALL CABLE TIES - STANDARD, REMO $0.099/pcs Pagtatanong
MLT8LH-LP Image MLT8LH-LP Panduit CABLE TIE 304 SS 250LB 26.8"L $2.547/pcs Pagtatanong
RKWD-16-12-BK Image RKWD-16-12-BK Essentra Components KWIK STRAP BLACK 1 X 12" $2.343/pcs Pagtatanong
BT1M-M4Y Image BT1M-M4Y Panduit CABLE TIE METAL BARB 4.0" $0.056/pcs Pagtatanong
T120MR0K2 Image T120MR0K2 HellermannTyton SCREW MNT TIE 120LB 15.5"L BLACK $1.194/pcs Pagtatanong
PLM2M-M Image PLM2M-M Panduit MARKER TIE WRAP MIN NAT 8" $0.263/pcs Pagtatanong
SST4H-D0 Image SST4H-D0 Panduit CABLE TIE 2PIECE 14.8" $0.741/pcs Pagtatanong
PLT1.5M-C0 Image PLT1.5M-C0 Panduit CABLE TIE MINI 18LB 5.6" $0.191/pcs Pagtatanong
RKWDA-32-36-BK Essentra Components CINCH STRAP, HOOK & LOOP, ANY-LE $25.223/pcs Pagtatanong
PLT4S-M14 Image PLT4S-M14 Panduit CABLE TIE STD TEL GRAY 14.5" $0.308/pcs Pagtatanong
PLC4H-S25-L Image PLC4H-S25-L Panduit CLAMP TIE HVY #25SCR NAT 15.1" $0.863/pcs Pagtatanong
3240768 Phoenix Contact CABLE TIE $0.07/pcs Pagtatanong
0192520160 Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex company TIE 8 INCH 50LB #10HOLE UV BK   Pagtatanong
S21-120-L0 Image S21-120-L0 Panduit STRONGHOLD CABLE TIE, 20.98"L (5 $0.286/pcs Pagtatanong
SG100M-M0 Image SG100M-M0 Panduit CABLE TIE MINI BLK 4.2" $0.06/pcs Pagtatanong
109-00094 Image 109-00094 HellermannTyton Q18L BLK HS 7.68" Q TIE $0.359/pcs Pagtatanong
T50R3M4 Image T50R3M4 HellermannTyton CABLE TIE 50 LB 7.95" ORANGE $0.088/pcs Pagtatanong
WITA-120S-D Image WITA-120S-D Essentra Components CABLE TIE LOCK NAT 8.6 120LB $0.084/pcs Pagtatanong
1005509 Phoenix Contact CABLE TIE 370X4.8MM TRANSPARENT $0.27/pcs Pagtatanong
156-01329 HellermannTyton 2-PIECES FIXING TIES WITH FIR TR $1.092/pcs Pagtatanong
SG350LH-TL Image SG350LH-TL Panduit CABLE TIE LIGHT HEAVY NAT 15.3" $0.517/pcs Pagtatanong
BT2S-M Image BT2S-M Panduit CABLE TIE STD 50LB NAT 8" $0.079/pcs Pagtatanong
RKW-8-13-YL Essentra Components CABLE TIE, HOOK & LOOP W/ SCREW $2.924/pcs Pagtatanong
MBT8H-S Image MBT8H-S HellermannTyton SS TIE 7.9"L 450LB METAL $1.287/pcs Pagtatanong
PLT6LH-C Image PLT6LH-C Panduit CABLE TIE LIGHT-HVY NAT 21.9" $0.698/pcs Pagtatanong
T30XL9C2 Image T30XL9C2 HellermannTyton CABLE TIE 14.37"L 30LB NATURAL $0.249/pcs Pagtatanong
PLB3S-M30 Image PLB3S-M30 Panduit TIE CBL DL STD HS BLK 11.8" $0.304/pcs Pagtatanong
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